launching perfa

Gosh, we’re proud - perfa has launched, on the shoulders of a combined thirty years of work with some of the best, biggest and most recognizable brands in the world of fast-moving retail. Our team is pumped, our spirits are high, and our commitment to live up to being “probably the best boutique agency in product experience management” is driving our buzz.

What’s up with the name? From the Italian, it means “to do.” In Swedish, it’s slang for “flawless.” It also reminds us of Grace Jones, loosely quoted as “we’re not perfect, but we’re perfa for you…”, because pragmatic results beat wishful thinking any day of the week.

And as any fast-moving brand knows, it’s more important to test customer reactions quickly and adjust than to get locked into print-era thinking about product catalogs, merchandising operations and touch point interactions. Yes, make sure your attribute and workflow foundational framework is solidly designed and implemented. But do it in the service of flexibility, time-to-market and real feedback data. This is the era of “transitional assortment” in the context of time, mix, convenience and trend.

We look forward to the possibilities of working together. We’re perfa.

Jeannine A. Bartlett, CEO + Chief Digital Strategist


the era of the transitional assortment has arrived.

timing + mix + convenience + trend