we’re perfa.

attributes + workflow for fast-moving brands.



from ecatalog to omnichannel, we work with our clients to execute. flawlessly.


Global, Seasonal & Luxury Retail

Coordinating multi-season line planning, global demand forecasting, product content readiness, in-season merchandising, campaign execution, omnichannel engagement and trend-focused personalization add up to major attribute management and operations challenges….

market nimbleness

Grocery, Food & Beverage

Digitally-savvy, health-conscious consumers demand access to seamless content, cuisine, dietary and delivery options in-store and online - just when the industry faces new business models and competition. Get digitally mastered or risk irrelevance….

eCatalog leverage

Customer-Focused Consumer Goods

Syndication for trading partners and online marketplaces, crafting product content for punch-outs, and going DTC required frictionless category management, while new touch points like smart IoT, voice and social media bots can push your data handling capabilities to the max….

channel readiness

product data + content + taxonomy

Having the right attributes for your products, customers, channels and events is essential - let’s not forget where you need to apply them. Data, content and digital assets.

At perfa, we know how to implement fast-moving assortment taxonomies across your platforms of choice.

  • Product Line Management (PLM)

  • Product Information Management (PIM)

  • Master Data Management (MDM)

  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)

  • Content Management (CMS)

  • eCommerce (and more)

Done right, we call it product experience management - PXM for the transitional assortment.


digital cx, from ia to ai

Customer experience (CX) is built on every touch point, particularly in “moments that matter” - at perfa, we focus on ensuring you have the flexibility and control to present the right product or service in the right moment and context.

From the information architecture to deliver on your vision in each way your customers expect, to the content, data and attributes necessary to guide artificial intelligence for conversational commerce.


line planning + merchant ops

Fast-moving assortments are special, whether you’re a seasonal or weekly retailer, expanding to global markets, embarking on drop ship or online marketplaces, or a luxury brand focused on Made To Order.

At perfa, we know how to organize your attributes and workflow to manage overlapping line planning cycles, shrink time to market as products go in-season, connect with your eCommerce, marketing and trading partners, and take advantage of new ai techniques to understand consumer preferences and trends.

Let us help you work smarter, not harder, and get on with what you love to do.