omnicycle + active season + insight = MERCH

We’re not here to tell you how to do merchandising. Our perfaMERCH practice is here to make you more effective at merchant operations. Faster, with less manual rework. And to help you connect data to trends, customer feedback and locales with greater confidence.

First, we re-imagine your global merchandising attributes and multi-season product line planning as a series of overlapping omnicycles – without this transformation, you’re managing each future season and each target market as a silo. Our concept-to-customer workflow optimization will help you see the big picture, recognize faster-moving opportunities (or failures), and jump on cross-region synergies (or mistakes).

Second, we zero in on your active season phase-in and phase out – all too often, your item management, forecasting and allocation activities are arbitrarily set to a fiscal quarter or the NRF monthly calendar instead of actual optimum demand. New product phase-in shouldn’t feel like an exception, and product phase-out should be an advantage, not a challenge. For fast-moving assortment operations, we focus on mapping and automating buy cycle and supply chain attribute data, eliminating time to market friction points, and aligning product introduction with campaigns and stories.

Third, we prepare you to take advantage of market indicators, social feedback and artificial intelligence techniques to harness concept-to-customer insight – so you can better predict and respond to consumer preferences and trends. We’ll help you identify and collect the data to drive customer-focused category management, online marketplace assortment decisions, and even which embellishments, ingredients or customizations will be best suited for Made To Order (MTO) items.

Let us help you be more nimble at active season operations, get out of spreadsheet hell, work smarter, not harder, and get on with what you love to do. Our range of end-to-end perfaMERCH services is highlighted below.

product line management + attribution analysis

time to market + data quality benchmarking

merchandising attributes design

omnicycle merchant ops workflow design

PLM to supply chain to PIM cross-mapping

emerging trend feedback for BI

line planning, allocation + attribute management governance