product data + content + taxonomy < PXM

Given how fundamental it is to unified commerce and customer satisfaction (much less delight), it’s surprising how rare it is to see excellence in product experience. Having the right, high quality attributes for your active products applied in a choreographed way to data, content and digital assets - yet a great eCatalog is just one dimension of the overall product experience equation.

You’ll also need to consider each context in which your eCatalog is published and syndicated. By customer segment. By channel and trading partner. By location and event. And manage all that new flexibility with workflow-sensitive governance that emphasizes market readiness, not bureaucratic roadblocks.

At perfa, we know how to design and implement eCatalog, attribution and workflows for fast-moving assortments:

  • from supply chain, third party data pools, ERP and PLM;

  • through PIM, DAM and content management;

  • with syndication and publishing to each of your channel-facing partners and platforms.

Done right, we call it product experience management - our perfaPXM practice pulls it all together for the frictionless operations behind your seamless customer experiences. Our range of end-to-end services is highlighted below.

strategy + product experience assessment

eCatalog taxonomy design + implementation

solution architecture + end-to-end integration

lifecycle + syndication + channel publishing workflows

data cleansing + digital asset metadata + content tagging

configure-price-quote + made to order metadata

market readiness governance